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Moving beyond your patterns

Why Rolf Structural Integration?

It can help with

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Solves chronic pain issues

Fascia is a beautiful network of connective tissue. It holds, connects, integrates, communicates through the entire human system. Fascia is pulled out of order through aberrant movement patterns, repetitive body positions and injury. Rolf SI brings this extraordinary tissue back into balance. Working through the whole body, patterns that cause pain diminish and are often fully resolved.


Posture is often forced and forceful. We believe we need to do something to remain upright. So we pull our muscles into place. Most of the time, we are pulling in the wrong directions. This leads to disorganised fascia and often pain.

Rolf Structural Integration brings you back to your structure so that you do not have to be effortful in your posture.

Increases movement

It is often the immovability of fascia that leads to decreased movement. Rolf Structural Integration brings balance to the joints and the muscles. This results in increased movement. Increased movement leads to comfort in the body, less pain and a feeling of youthfulness

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Find relationship with your body

In a world in which we often feel disconnected comes an approach that helps us to relate.

Through bodywork and movement we help you find a relationship with your body you may never have experienced before. As a result, your body becomes more comfortable and your life healthier and more vital.

Youthfulness and vitality

Rolf Structural Integration is based around a 10 session series. We work through the entire body, unwinding and creating space. As a result the fascia becomes hydrated and less inhibited by patterns. Vitality is returned to the body and, as a consequence, the mind.


Why the Gyrotonic® Method and movement exploration

It can help with

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The Gyrotonic® Method

The Gyrotonic method is a beautiful method of movement using a tower and a seated bench. The movements encourage spirals and non-linear movement. This method introduces every funcitonal plane available to the body. It uses circular motions and spirals to open and lubricate the joints which helps to balance the joints and the muscles, tendons and ligaments around them. Learning how to create contrast in our movement brings strength with ease and balance. The method also focuses strongly on returning movement to the spine, utilising flexion, extension, spiraling and side arching.


This beautiful technique not only helps to keep the body young, but it works the mind, intrudcuing new neural pathways, helping us to open to new ways of being and exchanging potential rigidity with flexibility and adabtability. It is a true tonic fo rlife. 

Connect body, mind, spirit

Through one on one classes and workshops we explore the body in such a way that we really begin to understand it. With understanding comes a new relationship. The body is an aspect of the mind. The brain as we have come to know it, cultivates control. This control takes us away from the bigger picture. As a result, we often feel disconnected and lost. Find your way back home.

Free your hidden dancer

We are all dancers at heart. Dancing does not mean choreography and difficult movements. It is a feeling. A freedom. When we utilise fascial bodywork and the variety of movement programs we offer, then freedom begins to develop. It may uncover something hidden.


Freedom and ease return to the body.


We often consider youthfulness as the way we look cosmetically. But youth is portrayed in our structure, our posture. Through movement exploration we become open minded, less rigid in the body, more playful. As a result, we are more youthful and vitality is restored.

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Meet Kathryn

What I love is to teach people how to connect back in to their body. This I do through both Rolf Structural Integration and through movement, including the Gyrotonic Method. Rolfing engages the body and the person on one type of journey. The movement practices take them on somewhat of a different journey, but both lead to more comfort, less pain and greater vitality.


I invite clients to learn about their own body. I love to show them how their body is familiar with its surroundings. It is not separate from the brain or the nervous system, but it is a whole which encompasses the brain, body, nervous system, mind. I love to help people find out how to be in relationship with their environment. What the body has to tell them.

I enjoy teaching clients to stop resisting through the body. Resistance in the body translates as resistance in the mind and vice versa. People pull away from the floor, posturing into upright. They create an over-toned musculature which deafens the nervous system. And then there are those people who are more flaccid whose connection with their environment, their nervous system, their body is lost due to a lack of energy.


I teach the possibility to bring an end to the distortion that brings pain and discomfort to the entire system. We live in a world of pushing and pulling and never listening. Our body and nervous system is finely tuned. It is like any electrical circuit that, when interrupted, will send faulty signals.

We can find all of this connection and relationship again if we are willing to look, listen, play, imagine and sense.

Plans and Pricing


Rolf Structural Integration

Each session is 90 minutes and is based around a 10 series of work

Cost per session: $145

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60 minute sessions

Single session: $80

Three pack: $235

Five pack:$380

Ten pack: $740

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Movement Exploration

60 minute session

Single session: $75

Three pack: $220

Five pack: $355

Ten pack: $690



I went to see Kathryn for a series of structural integration sessions last year. My initial reason for going was persistent  lower back pain which during the sessions disappeared and remains gone. However, so much more changed throughout my body like an unraveling of years old tensions to the point where I  feel younger and happier! Being free in my body brings a great sense of joy. I encourage everybody  to go see Kathryn she has a wonderful insight as a body worker, your body will thank you tenfold.

— Fran B. Noosa, Australia


Upcoming workshop

An odyssey through the body
Moving beyond our patterns

An odyssey is undertaken by an explorer. It is a journey so deep that one comes out of it with an understanding entirely beyond words.

Journey through your own body. Discover how it moves, how it communicates, how it is an aspect of the mind. Find out for yourself that the body is self-organising. How it suffers as a result of over-control. Become aware of how body directly expresses how we think and perceive. 

As we journey through the body, we come to know ourselves in new ways.

When: August 20th, 2022 from 10am until 4pm

Where: Crookneck Retreat, Glasshouse Mountains

Cost: $150 (includes a light lunch)


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